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Power-Gen Int’l Expo-Trade show in- Dhaka, Bangladesh2018

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INDUSTRYpower generation
VENUEDhaka, Bangladesh
VENUE ADDRESSBangabandhu International Conference Center, Dhaka, Bangladesh
OPENING DATE10.05.2018
CLOSING DATE12.05.2018
TEL:+880 2 9853016

Electricity is the major source of power for most of the country’s economic activities. Bangladesh’s installed electric generation capacity was 10289 MW in January, 2014; only three-fourth of which is considered to be ‘available’. Only 62% of the population has access to electricity with a per capita availability of 321 kWh per annum. More than half the people in Bangladesh live in areas where there is no mains electricity. Problems in the Bangladesh’s electric power sector include high system losses, and delays in completion of new plants, low plant efficiencies, erratic power supply, electricity theft, blackouts, and shortages of funds for power plant maintenance. Therefore, the power generation industry is facing more change, at a faster pace, than ever before.The POWER-GEN Int’l Expo provides a platform for the entire power generation professionals to meet, network, and address the critical issues facing the power industry.

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