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The Quartz Group specialise in the organisation of business-to-business events and the publishing of market-leading magazines and directories through two companies operating in the following sectors: Cleaning Commodities Glass and Primary metals Quartz has always believed in the concept of publishing and exhibition synergy, this means we have an exhibition, a magazine and a directory in each of our business sectors, we believe this is what gives us credibility and constant contact with our clients. Not all media owners would agree, but it is a strategy that has worked and we believe will continue to work for us. The Quartz team consists of experienced people who bring knowledge and understanding of the various business sectors that our products serve and the enthusiasm and dynamism of youth in our newer members, they all blend together to make for a very professional and entrepreneurial company. Quartz remains successful, which is thanks to our people and their professionalism; there is a very exciting future for the Quartz Group.

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